Meet the 5 Men

 For those who are interested the Five are:

dale-s2Dale is the “Elder Statesman” of 5Men, and is most frequently found setting the pace (slow and steady) at the head of the line, resplendent in his sky-blue cycling jersey (for which he required an exemption from our standing rule of “no Lycra” – it was a Xmas gift). One of our two “local” guides on the Taste Tasman Trail.steve-p2

Steve has assumed the role of  “Chairman” and is the glue that holds this team together  ( basically he organises the Saturday training at the Local ). He  has an aversion to visiting small island nations, so we’re not planning any trips to Fiji or similar. Generally rides in the middle of the pack as he claims Dale and Kem block the wind better.

paul-r2Paul is the competitive one, who will give anything a go, and needs to be held back by the rest of us. Destined to regularly buy the first round as the first arrival at any stop for refreshments – typically well ahead of the rest of the group. Paul also arranged the team jerseys – and it was his “significant other” who insisted on this blog!kevb

Kevin may just be the most experienced cyclist, and also the only one of us who could keep up with Paul if he wanted to. Took the initiative to book the TTT. He generally prefers to ride as “Tail End Charlie” to keep an eye out for passing traffic. Easy to spot in his fluoro vest.

Kem IDKem (a.k.a. Kevin, but we have one of those already) keeps track of our rides, and suggests the day’s refreshment stops on long rides. Has been “appointed” one of the guides for the Taste Tasman Trail, as he grew up in the area.  Normally found in the middle of the pack, safely out of harm’s way.

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