GTT Day 1: Elisha Hobbs live

One of the attractions of travelling in a group is the chance to experience something different, which brings unexpected pleasure.

It might be an unexpected view, or a very good meal at a local café, a particularly memorable beer or wine, or meeting new people.

FolderIn our case one of these memories is the live entertainment provided at the Boat Shed Café in Mapua on our first night.

The music was delivered by local singer Elisha Hobbs. On her website ( Elisha is described as a “. . .  mature and accomplished performer and singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with her exquisite, soulful voice and beautifully nuanced guitar and piano playing.”

It all sounded fine to us then, and having listened again to her EP “Never going back” it still does.

But listen and make your own mind up (“True Times” reproduced here with permission from Elisha Hobbs, from her EP “Never going back” 2013).

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