Wellington Cycleways: Passing thoughts

CyclewaysThe main purpose of this site is to provide a record of the activities and interests of 5Men, as we pursue our recreational cycling in Wellington and on the New Zealand Cycle Trails. None of us is training for any momentous competitive event, we don’t commute by bike, and we don’t wear Lycra (except for Dale, and he has special exemption to wear a flash top which was a gift): our interest is primarily in recreational cycling, locally and around NZ. The site is really for our own record (supporting failing memories), but we do recognise there are other readers too. And it gives an opportunity to vent occasionally.

Our rides are as much a social event as exercise, and our discussions are typically wide-ranging: sport, weather, sport, entertainment, families. Invariably however those discussions do touch on cycling matters: destinations, gear, cycleways and funding. The latter of course has been very much in mind given the Government’s recent allocation of funding for regional cycleways, and in particular, what Wellington Councils are intending to spend their share on.

Top of the local agenda naturally is the sometimes heated discussion on the Island Bay Cycleway, which has been allocated a significant portion of the local funds and is first off the rank for development. I do not propose to renew these discussions here: anyone who is interested – from either side of the argument – can readily find material on that topic online.

What interests me however, is the planning for that development, and the design principles on which that planning is based, as no doubt the same approach will be extended to developments in other suburbs, including Miramar and the Miramar Peninsula. Hopefully, assuming that the IBCW is to go ahead, the design team will not be restricted to “Traffic Engineers” only, but will also include healthy input from the cycling community, drivers, business and residents.

In that respect I recently came across this (admittedly old) 2013 item on the Wellington Regional Cycleways site which suggested the Indianapolis Cultural Way as a model for the Wellington development. And just as it caught my attention I thought it may be of interest to others, both commuters and recreational cyclists.

Lots of lessons here which could – and should – be considered for future Wellington developments.

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