Wellington City Cycling Plan

IMG_6669 BannerBetter late than never: as enthusiastic – but frequently slow – recreational riders, Wellington City Council’s recent decision to invest in improved cycling networks is welcome news to 5Men.

As the Council notes in the overview of their updated plans (see WCC Cycling Plan), cycling is a smart investment; the local environment, economy and all road users benefit from it. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice. WCC’s Cycling Framework sets out the City’s strategic approach to building Wellington’s cycle network.

The detailed framework can be downloaded from a link on the Council’s Cycling Framework page.

The Eastern Suburbs

Wellington City Council Cycling Framework

Wellington City Council Cycling Framework

Of particular interest to 5Men are the plans for the Eastern suburbs, and in particular, for the Miramar Peninsula – our regular route. Currently, cycling that route can offer far too many challenges for one day: narrow winding road, blind corners, randomly parked cars, poorly maintained verges and discarded rubbish, all unfortunately compounded by the occasional impatient other road user – fortunately the latter are a minority.

As this route is a key part of the extensive Great Harbour Way identified in the Cycling Framework, we are hopeful that in time we will see markedly improved riding conditions for recreational riders such as those in our group.

During our regular rides we have often commented that for large parts of the Peninsula there appears to be plenty of room to create dedicated walking/cycling paths alongside the vehicle road, as in those places where there is no room on the seaward side, there is generally room on the landward side of the existing road. It will require some innovative realignment of the road in places, and better use of existing verges, to create a cycle-safe pathway, but hopefully that is part and parcel of the intentions underpinning the Cycling Framework.

And with the recently announced “easing of the way” for the redevelopment of the Shelley Bay area, hopefully with a mixture of commercial, service, recreational and housing developments, this route may in time become the preferred “coffee route” for recreational riders who prefer to recharge their batteries after a ride, with a relaxing cuppa in a location offering an attractive waterfront view.

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