Father Time catches up with Paul

Paul HeaderIt is clear from past posts on this site that the most competitive member of the 5Men group is Paul, who invariably sneaks ahead of the group on longer runs, as he struggles to harness his naturally competitive instincts. The one benefit of this of course is that he also regularly gets caught out with the standing rule that the first to the café/bar/vineyard gets the first round in.

Tukituki Road

Paul disappears into the distance  – again!

On a recent weekend however Paul was finally caught – albeit by Father Time rather than the rest of the group, as family and friends celebrated Paul’s 60th birthday at a “Great Gatsby” party at Miramar’s Roxy Cinema. The occasion was also marked by a round of family speeches and a family skit marking key milestones in Paul and Jane’s life. In the interests of propriety these will not be repeated here.

The other members of 5Men also wanted to mark Paul’s progression to the aged ranks in a suitable way, and presented him with a selection of appropriate gifts:Fluoro2

  • A biking mirror, so that he can see how far ahead of the group he is getting – although we are not expecting it to slow him down any
  • A bright orange fluoro vest, so the rest of us can still see him as he disappears into the distance

The main item however was presented to Paul at a special meeting at The Local: an album providing a pictorial record of recent 5Men road-trips, compiled from the photos on this website. Although this compilation prompted the comment from occasional biking associate Paul B that “there seemed to be mWP_20160119_14_56_44_Proore eating and drinking than biking” hopefully this “non-web” record of our trips will provide Paul with a readily available reminder of the good times on bike trips as he moves closer to his dotage, and eyes up his first e-bike.

Congratulations Paul – and welcome to the ranks of the officially “Elderly”.

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