Frankton Arm

Frankton Banner

Kelvin Heights (on left) and Queenstown Golf Course

Sunday was planned as an “easy day”, with a relaxing ride around the edge of the Frankton Arm, taking in the sights of Kelvin Heights and the Queenstown Golf Course, basically following the trail I had ridden in April 2016 (see One Man in Queenstown). Unfortunately I was hit by a bout of “gastro” overnight (I’ll spare you the details), and planned on doing little more than catching up on sleep and reading in front of the big picture window over the lake (as shown above).

So, disappointed by my absence (I like to think so anyway; as Chief Recorder I am allowed my little dreams), 54 Men on Bikes took off for the day, and I settled down in my  armchair for some “R & R” (Reading and Recovery).


Spot the “Four Men waving”

First stop was another visit to the Boatshed Cafe for breakfast and coffee (no Sticky Buns this time though), then a gentle ride around the lake front on the well-graded cycle trail. After the steady climbs and high temperatures of the first two days, the gentle inclines on this trail – and the lower temperatures of the day – were a welcome change.

I had barely got to sleep in my comfortable chair when I was rudely awoken by an incoming text: the boys were frantically waving to me from alongside the yacht-club opposite. Finally spotted them to the left of the bright green tree, standing by the white car (click on image to see full screen).


“I’m just resting my eyes.”

Having ruined my sleep, they rode on up the path to the Golf Club for lunch (again repeating my earlier trip), and a great view out over the lake. Rather than returning over the same track – offering a different perspective to the same views – they rode back along the public roads at the top of the ridge, and around the Lake edge by Frankton, returning to the Boathouse for afternoon coffee – and in Dale’s case, for a quick snooze.

Then, in a final burst of energy (or laziness?), back along Frankton Road to the bach, to get ready for another night on the town.

The latter was an experience I again passed on, preferring to get an early night to catch up on lost sleep. Interestingly, after the travails of the last few days, my colleagues also returned earlier than expected and hit the sack early.

By all reports an interesting and less challenging ride than the previous two days, but enjoyable none the less.

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