Home Ground

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Located at the south-eastern end of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, the Miramar Peninsula is a special environment for both residents and visitors alike. Visitors to the Peninsula can enjoy miles of sandy beaches, hill-top vistas, stunning scenery, great food from award-winning cafes, boutique shops and of-course, the centre of the country’s internationally recognised movie industry. For more information see Enterprise Miramar Peninsula.

MiramarPen EastBays

The road around the Eastern Bays.

Miramar Peninsula is also the home to 5Men and our families. Our children all grew up here, and attended the same schools, and our better halves have all worked together at various times over the past 30 odd years.

The Peninsula is also popular with both recreational and serious cyclists, and provides an ideal “training ground” for 5Men, with regular trips around the coastline providing the exercise necessary to prepare for more challenging rides. While the coastal ride is largely flat, heading into a blustery northerly as you wind around the Eastern bays and coves certainly feels like a long drag uphill at times. In theory, heading back down the more sheltered Western side around the edge of Evans Bay should then be like a downhill drift – if only Wellington’s winds would play fair.

Looking back toward Wellington City from West side of Peninsula

Looking back toward Wellington City from West side of Peninsula

From Seatoun, around the Bays then back to Seatoun via Miramar and the Seatoun Tunnel is about 12 Km – quite far enough for a good work-out for aged cyclists.

For those of us getting on in years a longer more challenging ride around the whole Peninsula includes a good climb over the Pass of Branda, and lifts the distance to around 20 Km.

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