Keeping Track with Sports Tracker

ST sample

Sample Sports Tracker Report

Although the 5Men are not pursuing any formal fitness programme it is important to us that we keep track of our efforts and improving times. We also want to track our daily achievements (?) on the GTT, and include some of these on our daily reports.

Fortunately one of the team had a copy of Sports Tracker loaded on his phone and had used it on and off to monitor regular walks. A switch to ‘Cycling’ mode and we were off.

And very happy we are too. Not only does Sports Tracker monitor our time and distance it also records speed and changes in altitude (but not ‘attitude’), synchronising automatically online, and summarising all this in handy charts available online for sharing.

The system is also available for all three mainstream operating systems (Windows, Android and the fruity one), so we have been able to compare records for consistency.  The conclusion? Ideal for our needs – and at our level of requirements, free, which is obviously attractive. Sure, there are other systems (including the widely used Strava; note however you can import ST records into Strava if you wish to), with fancy fitness bands and watches or links to GPS systems, which do more (actually ST has its own Heart Monitor, available through their website) but for our purposes the free app is all that is needed. We certainly do not need the “competitor” element inherent in some of the other popular apps.

So we’re using ST on our upcoming trip on the GTT – but reserve the right to censor what we include in this blog for public consumption.

Give it a try. We are not aligned with ST in any way, but it works for us and may suit other users. We will include ST outputs in our posts (as above), so see what you think.

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